Simple Plastic Shopping Baskets

$ 91.54

Shopping carts are simply too slow and unnecessary for the small amounts many people are buying today, so the customers just doesn't use them. Thoughtfully located stacks of shopping baskets are just the thing to stimulate impulse buying for the fast-in and fast-out customers. Saves on broken goods from customers trying to load too much in their arms. Customers can carry as many of those planned and unplanned purchases as they wish without having to backtrack for a shopping cart.  Each basket measures 16 1/2" x 13" x 8" and is made of polypropylene with wire handles. These baskets are very tough and will give years of service. Vented so dust and debris cannot accumulate inside. Sold as a complete set of 12 baskets and 1 wire stand with attractive sign. Available Red, Kelly Green, Royal Blue or Yellow.  Strongest lightweight plastic basket available. Finest quality. Made in the U.S.A. from fade resistant smooth hi-impact virgin plastic.

SKU Description Price
09-100R Set of 12 baskets, stand and sign, RED $ 91.54 Add to Cart
09-100G Set of 12 baskets, stand and sign, GREEN $ 91.54 Add to Cart
09-100B Set of 12 baskets, stand and sign, BLUE $ 91.54 Add to Cart
09-100Y Set of 12 baskets, stand and sign, YELLOW $ 91.54 Add to Cart
09-101R Individual basket, RED $ 7.48 Add to Cart
09-101G Individual basket, GREEN $ 7.48 Add to Cart
09-101Y Individual basket, YELLOW $ 7.48 Add to Cart
09-101B Individual basket, BLUE $ 7.48 Add to Cart