Vertical Merchandisers

$ 211.95

Introducing the AirFlo vertical merchandiser.  Designed for leafy greens, vegetable, specialties and basket items, this new unit allows you to build a wall of produce with a minimum of inventory.  This system is designed to replace rust prone wire flat racks, and adjusts to fit all major manufacturers wall cases.  Adjustable horizontal and basket dividers clip directly to the unit, making it easy to merchandise.  Because the unit is manufactured from anodized aluminum, you never have to worry about rust or corrosion.  Available in Green or Black.

SKU Description Price
56-305 Vertical Merchandiser $ 211.95 Add to Cart
56-306 Horizontal Divider $ 24.45 Add to Cart
56-307 Basket Shelf $ 57.04 Add to Cart
56-308 Wire Vertical Shelf $ 35.85 Add to Cart